Safer water for better health


Stainless steel outlet for durable and long term use.


Higher-quality filters for better water quality


8.5' x 10.5'


Unleash the power of carbon filtration in our Eco-Friendly Portable Water Filter



Our electricity-free water filter provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. We prioritize affordability and sustainability to deliver clean water without the need for electricity, ensuring access to essential hydration without unnecessary expenses.


Coconut Carbon Filter

Experience the superior filtration power of coconut carbon with our advanced filter. Engineered to effectively eliminate contaminants, our filter ensures clean and revitalizing water. At our core, we prioritize quality and excellence, providing unparalleled performance for your complete peace of mind.


Easy Portable

Experience the freedom of our portable water filter, offering you the convenience of clean water on-the-go. Designed for mobility and versatility, our filter ensures easy access to purified water wherever your adventures take you. Prioritizing your convenience, we've crafted a solution that seamlessly integrates into your active lifestyle.



Stainless Steel Material


Filtering bacteria,leads etc.,


Water Filtered by two filters


Flow Rate Per Candle


Total Capacity


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After researching various water purification systems my eyes came upon the Aqua Easy. I read all the information about the Aqua Easy and watched the videos and the fact that they were actually in the filter making business really impressed me. Whom better to purchase from than someone who actually made filters! I thought at this great value that it would be a Chinese knockoff of the Berkey but it is not, so I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised when I received mine. It is a very high quality gravity filtration system and I immediately started using it!

Susie Robinson

Verified Purchase


This filtration set looks cute for the price. The instructions aren’t great but the stand and the unit overall look nice. I hope the water quality ends up great. Will update soon. *Update: i figured it out and tested the water and results were very good. The water tastes clean and i'm happy with this system.

S Coop

Verified Purchase